Kimberly Butdorf

Office Administration / Property Management

So who keeps this place humming along like the well-tuned machine it is? That would be Kimberly Butdorf. In her key role as administrative assistant to principal Bud Hudgins, Kim also gets into project scheduling, IT management, personal scheduling and travel and general office administration, all the things that make a busy operation like ours run smoothly.

To her more than 20 years of administrative experience she has added another decade that’s specifically related to the construction industry. Now Kim has added property management to her list of responsibilities as she assists with the day to day operations of the Hudgins Companies industrial portfolio. Originally from Florida, Kim loves to travel, cook and spend time at home with her 2 dogs. She’s married to a Lockheed Martin engineer who works on F-35 Joint Striker jets and is mother to two US Army Veteran sons and a daughter at Indiana University.

Education | University of Nevada, Las Vegas